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Multi Arts and Culture Association :
Cultivating Diversity in Art and Culture

MAAC is a youth art association fostering creativity and inclusivity, bridges cultures, offering international students tailored art support,
while providing accessible education for aspiring artists.

Multi Arts and Culture Association (MAAC)

The Multi Arts and Culture Association (MAAC) in Australia is a service support organization specially established by the Creative Asia Foundation for young artists. We are dedicated to nurturing art and creativity among the younger generation. Our goal is to establish a vibrant community where diverse artistic expressions flourish. Our activities include art and cultural tourism, spreading knowledge of art history, and offering various art experience courses.

We also provide artist support programs to assist aspiring artists in achieving their dreams. Join us in creating a supportive platform where everyone can explore and cultivate their artistic talents, regardless of background. Let's grow together in this dynamic artistic family!

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By becoming a member of MAAC, individuals will gain access to a range of benefits, including:


  • Free invitation to participate in our organized networking events.

  • Guidance and support from renowned art masters.

  • Limited free access to art lectures and workshops.

  • Participation in various types of art creation activities.

  • Increased opportunities for networking with art enthusiasts.

  • Complimentary exhibition visits.

  • Outstanding young artists might have a chance to receive free opportunities to exhibit their work.

  • Free subscription to our quarterly journal.

Call Out: Emerging artists in Melbourne

MAAC's Youth Artist Support Program

At MAAC, we're dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists in Melbourne. Our Emerging Artist Support Program aims to provide resources, guidance, and opportunities for young artists to thrive in their creative endeavours.

Through mentorship, exhibition opportunities, access to art resources, financial support, and community collaboration, we empower emerging artists to explore their potential and succeed in the vibrant art scene of Melbourne. If you're a young artist looking for support and growth opportunities, join us at MAAC and let's embark on this artistic journey together!

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MAAC offer various opportunities to get involved and make a difference:

Media Department:
Manage communication channels and content.


Secretary Team:
Assist with administrative tasks and communication.


Finance Department:
Oversee financial matters and reporting.


External Relations Department:
Build partnerships and secure sponsorships.

If you are interested in the aforementioned position, please kindly submit your resume to

More Information About MAAC

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MAAC provides a variety of activities for people passionate about art and culture.

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Welcome more brands to join our artistic events.

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