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Multi Arts and Culture Association :
Cultivating Diversity in Art and Culture

Welcome your enterprise to join our partners, helping more young people experience and immerse themselves in art.


Multi Arts and Culture Association (MAAC)


Is a service support organisation specially established by the Creative Asia Foundation for young artists.

We receive support from various professional organizations and the government, dedicated to fostering art and creativity among the younger generation.Our activities include art and cultural tourism, spreading art history knowledge, and offering various art experience courses.

Our target group is international students in Australia. Our programs can quickly integrate into various student fields and groups. We receive support from numerous international students who have a deep interest in art and culture, and also have access to a wealth of resources from groups of young art enthusiasts.

College Students on Break

In 2024, we partnered with the State Government’s Study Melbourne, WCPD, Creative Asia Foundation, ArtPIe, Le Grange Gallery to offer the Art Harmony Melbourne program for international students. 

Understand Programs Schedules

Explore the vibrant and diverse programs of the Art Harmony in Melbourne (AHM) schedule. From hands-on workshops that ignite your creativity, to immersive educational journeys, there's something for every art enthusiast.​


Delve into the "Cross-Cultural Canvases: Fusion in Art" to experience the fusion of Asian and Australian art, or join "Masterful Insights" for guided tours in NGV and Geelong Gallery.​


Experiment with "Mixed Media Ventures" for a taste of multimedia art, collaborate on a "Graffiti Magic" project, or express yourself in "A Hands-On Workshop with Sculpture."​ 


Our program is designed to inspire, educate, and connect, offering a unique artistic journey for international students.


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What can we bring to our partners?

  • We provide more traffic for businesses.

  • Help them quickly reach young people's circles.

  • Different art activities can enhance corporate image.

  • We offer opportunities to cultivate new market prospects for businesses.

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