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About Us

About us | Creative Asia Foundation 

About CAF

Creative Asia Foundation is a dynamic force dedicated to catalysing positive change through the transformative power of creativity. Committed to nurturing cultural diversity, empowering emerging talents, and spearheading innovative endeavours, the foundation serves as a vibrant and inclusive platform for artists of diverse backgrounds to flourish, collaborate, and leave a lasting impact on local and global communities. With a special emphasis on providing avenues for multicultural artists, particularly those of Asian descent in Australia, New Zealand, and across the broader Asian region, the Creative Asia Foundation is instrumental in amplifying their voices, facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, and driving social, artistic, and community progress. Through an array of programs, exhibitions, and partnerships, the foundation endeavors to celebrate creativity, foster cultural appreciation, and cultivate a more interconnected and inclusive world.

Vision & Mission


To create a world where creativity thrives, cultural diversity is celebrated, and art serves as a catalyst for positive change and social impact.


The Creative Asia Foundation is dedicated to empowering artists from diverse backgrounds, particularly those of Asian descent, by providing them with opportunities, resources, and platforms to showcase their talents, collaborate with others, and make meaningful contributions to society. Through our programs, exhibitions, and initiatives, we aim to foster cross-cultural understanding, promote artistic excellence, and build inclusive communities where creativity flourishes and everyone has the opportunity to participate and succeed.

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