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Join the Membership of
Creative Asia Foundation!

A vibrant artistic community spotlighting the diverse talents of Asian artists making a significant impact in Australia.


CAF Premium Plus +

  • Enjoy the comprehensive coverage of six types of insurance, including Public Liability and Products Liability.

  • Ideal for those seeking enhanced protection and a robust set of benefits.

  • Tailor-made for members, seize exclusive opportunities to attend industry-specific events in art, fashion, design, music, and dance.

Exhibition Space
Performing Arts School


CAF Premium

  • Tailored for artists, arts workers, art educators, and art supporters.

  • Access comprehensive professional development and valuable resources, exclusive programs, and benefits to boost your artistic career.

  • Priority consideration for grants and funding support programs.


CAF Explorer

  • Perfect for newcomers and those eager to explore the creative landscape.

  • Access to foundational resources, networking events, and entry-level workshops.

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